Ipswich Pest Control
We offer competitive prices on Pest Control Services in Ipswich.

Ipswich Pest Inspection
If you are purchasing a property in Ipswich, we can arrange a Building and Pest Inspection at a suitable time with the vendor or agent to carry out a thorough investigation of the home or office.

Pre Purchase inspections: Ipswich
In the Ipswich area there is a strong need for a Pre Purchase Inspection and an annual Pest Inspection because termites and other timber pests can cause costly damage to property if not detected.

Building and Pest Inspection: Ipswich
Building and Pest Inspections in Ipswich are conducted prior to the purchase of a property and could be the single most important decision when buying a new home.

Commercial Pest Control Ipswich
Our Ipswich based technicians abide by Australian Standards in Commercial Pest Control and are leading the latest best practice in your industry's Commercial Pest Management.

Residential Pest Control: Ipswich
For local residents in Ipswich we recommend an annual pest treatment to prevent ants, cockroaches, fleas or silverfish from infesting your home.

Termite / White ant Control
Our quality Ipswich based Termite Controllers are the best and will conduct a thorough Termite Inspection of your property, including the foundations, the inner structural elements, fencing and all wood products in and around your Ipswich property.

Building and Pest Inspection

Building and Pest Inspection Ipswich

1300 Pest Control does both Building and Pest Inspections.

If you are in the Ipswich or surrounding suburbs and require a reliable and detailed Building and Pest Inspection, 1300 Pest Control is the leading provider in Queensland.

Buying a house can be one of the most important purchases you will ever make. Choosing a Ipswich Building and Pest Inspection company, that is properly qualified, insured, licenced and has experienced technicians will give you the guarantee that your property has been thoroughly and professionally assessed.

We provide the best and most thorough Building and Pest Inspection Ipswich has to choose from.

If you are having a building inspection, insist on a separate Pest Inspection in accordance with the Australian Standards AS4349.3 and insist on using 1300 Pest control.

All 1300 Pest control Building and Pest Inspections in Ipswich and surrounding suburbs are professional conducted by licenced technicians.

1300 Pest Control services Ipswich, Gold Coast and all surrounding suburbs.

To speak with one of our Pest experts call us on 1300 PEST CONTROL (1300 737 826)

QBSA Licence: 1197757

Ipswich Building Inspection

We ensure that our Building and Pest Inspection Ipswich is the highest quality.

Our Ipswich Building Inspections are done in accordance to Australian standards 4349.1. Our Ipswich Building Inspectors are fully licenced & insured as required by the Building Services Authority.

The Ipswich Building Inspection involves a visual inspection of all parts the interior and exterior of your property to detect any cracks, defects and safety concerns. Our Building Inspection report compares your property with a property of a similar age and construction type, with all variations to the normal condition outlined in the report.

Ipswich Timber Pest Inspection

Our Ipswich based technicians who performs these timber pest inspections are fully accredited & experienced and carry the appropriate current licence and insurance that is required for timber pest managers.

We thoroughly examine and report on all timber and other accessible materials such as structural timber frames, joists, rafters & bearers & any joinery. Our Ipswich Pest Inspections take into account all internal areas to a building including basements and roof voids as well as a thorough external examination of the property, taking into account surface work to foundation soils, outdoor landscape timbers, pavers, trees and tree stumps.

A Ipswich Pest Inspection Report will contain information on whether there is Evidence of Timber Pest Activity as well as current Conditions Conducive to Timber Pests. We offer Termite Management Solutions as well as detail information on what current Pest Management Systems are in place and proposals on any Termite Management Systems that could be implemented to reduce the likelihood of any future Timber Pest Infestations on the Ipswich property.

Ipswich Pest Inspections are very thorough, at least 1 hour for an average house. The Inspector will need access to all rooms including the ceiling cavity.

We service Building and Pest Inspection Ipswich to this highest standard.

The Pest Inspection is performed with an array of tools and thorough Visual Inspection of the premises.

1300 Pest Control Guarantees QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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1300 Pest Control does NOT CURRENTLY service areas outside of South East Queensland and the Northern Territory

The Queensland Government provide information on all pest control related matters.

White Ants or Termite Damage

White Ants or Termite Damage can run into the tens of thousands.

1300 Pest Control technicians are fully licensed and insured to carry out Termite Inspections to Australian Standards or greater.

1300 Pest Control does both Building and Pest Inspections Ipswich.

Two Inspections, Two Reports

In Ipswich, two building and pest Inspections are conducted simultaneously and reports are then simultaneously submitted to the buyer and seller.

1300 Pest Control can liaise with the estate agent and/or the seller and then contact you, the buyer, to keep you informed from start to finish.

The Ipswich Building and Pest Inspection takes approximately 90 mins for the average home. If your schedule allows you to attend the Inspection, you may follow the Inspector around and discuss any issues.